Nazir Khara

The Versatile Artist

Born in Bibi Mahro area of Kabul, Nazir Khara is an established and respected name within Afghanistan’s Music Industry.  Known for his versatility as an Artist who not only sings but also creates compositions for other Artists, Nazir obtained his musical knowledge by attending The Music Institute in Kabul followed by some additional classes in Indian Classical Music after his graduation.  In 2005, Nazir established an Education Centre for Music in Kabul where Singing, Composing Songs, Music Arrangement and Music Instructor courses are taught.  In addition to his singing ability, Nazir is al...

Qais Ulfat

The Young Sensational Talent

Qais Ulfat, son of Ustad Ulfat Ahang was born in Kabul to a family with extensive musical background. As a result of the ongoing war in Afghanistan, Qais and his family were forced to abandon his birthplace and relocate to New Delhi, India. Upon their settlement in India, Qais with the help and guidance of his father began singing and playing harmonium at the early age of 5. He also started learning the art of playing tabla from his Uncle, Ustad Fazel Ahmad.

Obaid Juenda

The Talented Artist with Style & Passion for Music

Born on November 3rd 1975 in the beautiful city of Kunduz, Obaid and his family relocated to Kabul at the age of 7. After graduating from Amani High School, Obaid pursued higher education at University of Kabul in Law Faculty. Obaid appeared to be fond of music at a very young age and it didn’t take his family too long to discover and support his artistic talent. Obaid owned his first musical instrument, an accordion, when he was only ten years old.

Freshta Sama

Fereshta Sama is an Afghan-Tajik singer from Afghanistan, born in 1964 in Kabul. She is the younger sister of the famous afghan singer Hangama. Fereshta moved to Germany to start her career together with her sister while she was at the age of 15.
Currently she is a resident of Germany and spent most of her childhood there.  
Fereshta Sama delivered 4 albums so far of which two are duets with popular singers like Fateh Ali Khan and Shabir Khan.
In 2006, she made a trip to Afghanistan for concerts in Kabul.

Khadija Sadat


Born in Shore Bazaar area of Kabul, Khadija Sadat is a graduate of Rabia Balkhi High School and in addition to serving as a Presenter/Producer at Tolo TV, she is also pursuing her education at Gawhar Shad College, where she has completed the first two years of studies in the field of Law.  Khadija’s passion for the world of media resulted into her joining one of the Afghan TV Networks six years ago, where she served as the Presenter of M4U Music Show.  During her four years of employment within that organization, she also served as a Show Director.  Afterwards, Khadija joined another Afghan...

Host – Omid Nezami

Omid Nezami was born in Kabul to Afghan parents of “Ghazni” Afghanistan. His love to music began early in his childhood and was encouraged by family and friends.
Omid attended the singing competition “Afghan Star” as a competitor and was loved by many Afghans. He was offered to host a show at Arman FM Radio which is the most popular radio of Afghanistan.
Later on he became the host of “Afghan star” and won many awards / certificates from Tolo TV and Arman FM.
Omid Nezami's song "khwabam namybarad" released in 2010 was a breath of fresh air in Afghan music industry.