Host – Omid Nezami

Omid Nezami was born in Kabul to Afghan parents of “Ghazni” Afghanistan. His love to music began early in his childhood and was encouraged by family and friends.
Omid attended the singing competition “Afghan Star” as a competitor and was loved by many Afghans. He was offered to host a show at Arman FM Radio which is the most popular radio of Afghanistan.
Later on he became the host of “Afghan star” and won many awards / certificates from Tolo TV and Arman FM.
Omid Nezami's song "khwabam namybarad" released in 2010 was a breath of fresh air in Afghan music industry.
His talent, great attitude and passion for media became his strength and opened doors of success for him. Today he is one of the most successful and popular afghan TV presenter and singers.
The secret to Omid's success together with his amazing talent and great attitude is his love and passion for his country and world of media.