The 2nd Live Show

26 Sep, 2014
Only the public decides!

This week only 9 contestants made it to the next round. The Coaches can only save 1 contestant and the rest will depend on the voting again. Find out who will stay or leave in the next Result Show next Thursday.

You can watch the “The Live Show 2” below

19 Sep, 2014

The 1st Live Show

The excitement starts here!

With only 16 contestants left, we are only a few weeks away to announce the winner of The Voice. Everyone is excited and nervous to perform live for the first time in this week’s 1st Live Show.

12 Sep, 2014

The Last Episode of the Knockout Round

“The Voice of Afghanistan” Live Shows are 1 week away and almost all 4 coaches have chosen the best contestants to compete against each other LIVE next week....

5 Sep, 2014

The Voice of Afghanistan Ep.15 - Knockouts

The coaches made up different groups in the third week of knock out stage. Unlike the previous weeks the coaches prepared their duet teams for competitions....

29 Aug, 2014

The Voice of Afghanistan Ep.14 - Knockouts

This Friday tension and adrenaline levels run high as the artists take it in turns to step into the limelight and perform one last time before the live finals....

22 Aug, 2014

Knockouts: Episode.13

Knockout Rounds Kick Off

The Knockout Rounds of “The Voice of Afghanistan” is the last stage before the Live Performance.

15 Aug, 2014

The Battle: Episode.12

The final Battles!

The last battles took place on Friday and the final contestants were under the highest amount of pressure to perform at their best in order to be selected for the next and final round, the Live Per...