The Voice of Afghanistan - Blind Auditions 6th Episode

Sixth episode features the first Female Contestant!
5 Jul, 2013

As the Blind Auditions for The Voice of Afghanistan approached the last few episodes before the start of the Battle Round, there was a pleasant surprise awaiting the Coaches during the 6th episode.  The surprise was the voice of an Afghan Lady, Shabana Faryad, was heard by the Coaches while they still had their backs to the stage.   Despite the fact that Ms. Faryad had some obvious shortcomings as a singer, still two Coaches, Aryana and Qais, pressed the buttons on their chairs and attempted to have Shabana join their Team.  After a brief moment of contemplation, Shabana decided to join Qais's Team.
Obaid Juenda was on a roll again, selecting three new Contestants for a second week in a row.  Obaid added Baktash Almas, Farhad Sahel and Hamidullah Hoshang to bring the total number of his Team members to 12.  In addition to Shabana Faryad, Qais Ulfat also added Emal Wafa, whose only dream is to become a famous singer.  Aryana meanwhile added Wahid Ansari, who has admitted that becoming famous is his only purpose in life and Khaibar Tanha, who was born and raised in Kabul.  And lastly, for a second week in a row, Nazir Khara was the most selective Coach by adding only one Contestant to his Team in Abdul Sameer, who considers The Voice of Afghanistan as a golden opportunity for him to become a famous singer.
With only two more episodes of Blind Auditions left, all four Coaches still have a few members to add to their Team to bring the total numbers to 16 each.  While having a lady attend as one of the Contestants on the show brought out some joyful emotions, it will not be too long before all the Contestants and the Coaches get very serious as the Battle Round will test the metal of all the Participants and force the Coaches to make the tough choice of only keeping half of their total 16 member Team.  Tune in next Friday at 9PM to Tolo TV for the 7th episode of the Blind Auditions.